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2020/03/30 @ 2:41
.⁦ @TheEconomist⁩ nicely destroys the myth that Germany’s massive stimulus to fight #COVID19 was only possible because of its prior record of black zero years.

That’s like „boasting about having the cleanest face at a mud-wrestling contest“
2020/03/29 @ 17:01
Meinungsfreiheit in Zeiten von Corona – Monitor studioM - via

Monitor-Chef Georg Restle und ​ @Tilo Jung („Jung & Naiv“) sprechen in d #IFTTT #youtube
2020/03/29 @ 9:31
The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 544: Joel McHale - via

Joel McHale joins Brendan and Bryan in studio for Episode 544 of The Fi #IFTTT #youtube
2020/03/28 @ 14:01
Wild Ride! with Steve-O – Episode #2 Bert Kreischer - via

I look up to Bert Kreischer for so many reasons— as a comedian, a podca #IFTTT #youtube
2020/03/28 @ 12:02
Remember all those "migrants" Merkel let in ? Turns out a lot of them are doctors and nurses and only too willing to give something back to the country that welcomed them ....

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